Please answer these questions in relation to you and anyone to be insured on this policy.

Please also be aware of the terms and conditions of cover for cancelling or cutting your trip short, if your travel plans depend upon the health of travelling companions, a relative, business associate or relative or friend who you had planned to stay with. You can read the conditions here


This policy will not cover any claims under Cancellation or Curtailment arising from any pre-existing medical condition known to you prior to purchasing the policy or prior to booking any trip (whichever is the later), affecting any close relative, close business associate, any person with whom you are travelling, or any person with whom you have arranged to stay, if:

  1. a terminal diagnosis had been given by a medical practitioner; or
  2. they were on a waiting-list for, or had knowledge of the need for, surgery, inpatient treatment or investigation at any hospital or clinic;
  3. during the 90 days immediately prior to you purchasing the policy or prior to booking any trip (whichever is later) they had required surgery, inpatient treatment or hospital consultations.

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